[tabby title=”About us”]It all started with a passion for nature, wildlife and its conservation – combined with a sense of adventure, a hunger to explore and a whole continent to do it on – Africa!
Now, combine this with professional wildlife and conservation qualifications and many years of experience in the African bush, add totally awesome film making and graphic skills … and you have the BUNDUBASH Africa online/video series!!!

Our magnificent planet, described as a “pale blue dot” in a never-ending universe, is the most awesome place we know and it is the not only our only home, but also that of all the amazing other species of animals and plants. The sad thing is that during a human lifetime, we are so focused at survival, making money and other, really unimportant priorities, that we neglect to LIVE this ONE, totally awesome LIFE on this ONE, totally awesome planet called EARTH!

We are going to explore some of the magic of nature, get close and personal with the amazing creatures we share this planet with and … YOU are invited to be a part of this GREAT BUNDUBASH Africa adventure!!!

BUNDUBASH® is a registered Trade Mark owned and managed by the BUNDUBASH Team.
Wild en Wakker® is a registered Trade Mark used under license by the BUNDUBASH Team.

[tabby title=”Filming/Video”]

HD Video Productions

    • Professional wildlife Productions
    • Wildlife Documentaries

[tabby title=”Wildlife”]

Wildlife/Nature Conservation

BUNDUBASH Online Wildlife TV also incorporate the WEF Volunteer Experience as part of our further contribution to Conservation through Education & Media

      • Pro Wildlife Conservation & Info
      • Pro Wildlife Journalism

[tabby title=”Safaris”]

Wildlife Adventure Safaris

      • 4×4 Bush Safaris
      • Photographic Safaris

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