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  • 1. Inclusion/listing on the much visited SA Wildlife Network website (70 000+ monthly visitors)
  • 2. Inclusion in our weekly newsletter that reaches 11 000+ subscribers – both nationally and internationally
  • 2. We actively connects & promotes our members with a much larger global target audience
  • 3. Extensive marketing of members via our social media accounts, groups and associated connections
  • 4. Direct marketing exposure via our relevant industry contacts – e.g. safari and tour operators, travel agencies, lodge staff, colleges, etc.
  • 5. Registered members receive annually an official SA Wildlife Membership Certificate, authenticating their registration plus, registered members are allowed to display the official SA Wildlife Network’s membership logo and link on their own website(s)
  • 6. Inclusion on the SA Wildlife Network tourism map of Southern Africa
  • 7. ELITE members have EXCLUSIVE exposure via SA Wildlife – Luxury Destinations


Steps to join/apply:
1. Choose an annual membership & listing option
2. Complete the online registration form, or Email us directly.

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SA Wildlife Network